Es spielten …

30. Jazz –Tage 2020

The Red Hot Serenaders Orchestra (SUI)
Gismo Graf Trio feat. Stochelo Rosenberg und Tim Kliphuis (GER, NED)

Pascal Geiser with Horns (SUI)

Dani Felber and the Ladies of Soul (SUI)


29. Jazz-Tage 2019

Albie Donnelly’s Supercharge
Brandy Butler & Friends
The Magic of Santana feat. Tony Lindsay



28. Jazz-Tage 2018

«A Night in New Orleans»: Jean Luley Quartett & Thomas L’Etienne, Uli Wunner, Brenda Boykin

Raphael Jost & lots of horns feat. Stefanie Suhner meet «The Voice»

Caro Josée & Band

Lilly Martin & Friends feat. Gigi Moto


27. Jazz-Tage 2017

Mitch Kashmar’s Blues & Boogie Kings (USA/GER)
SWR Big Band feat Fola Dada (GER)
Zydeco Annie & Swamp Cats (GER)
Tribute to Ray Charles: Daniel Rohr, Marc Sway, Freda Goodlett, Tanja Dankner, Hendrix Ackle & Band (SUI)


26. Jazz-Tage 2016

Lily Dahab (ARG) & Band: Huellas

Gismo Graf Trio (GER) invite Tim Kliphuis (NED), Tony Lakatos (HUN), Special Guest Cheyenne Graf (GER)

Barrelhouse Jazzband (GER) feat. Denise Gordon (UK)

Swiss Army Big Band feat. Steffi Suhner (SUI)

Blues meets Hackbrett: Nicolas Senn (SUI), Elias Bernet (SUI), Walt’s Blues Box SUI)


25. Jazz-Tage 2015

Dani Felber Jazzquartett (SUI) feat. Tatiana Heintz (CIV/FRA) – CD-Taufe

Tribute to Sidney Bechet: Olivier Franc (FRA) & Swiss Yerba Buena Creole Rice Jazz Band (SUI)

Davina & The Vagabonds (USA)

Christian Willisohn’s Southern Spirit (GER)

Allotria Jazz Band (GER) feat. Barbara Bürkle (GER)

Jazz meets Brazil: Marc Sway & Band (SUI/BRA)


24. Jazz-Tage 2014

Blue Note Six feat. Inge Pischinger (AUT)

Christina Jaccard & Dave Ruosch Band (SUI) / Kat Baloun & the Backscratchers (USA/GER)

Luis Frank Arias Soneros de Verdad (CUB)

Dani Felber Big Band Explosion (SUI)


23. Jazz-Tage 2013

Gismo Graf Trio (GER) feat. Tim Kliphuis (NED)
Cosa Nostra Jazz Band (SUI)
Elias Bernet Blues Band (SUI)

Larry’s Blues Band (CH) feat. Florian Egli (SUI)

Dutch Swing College Band (NED)

Richard Broadnax and his Zion Gospel Singers (SUI/USA)


22. Jazz-Tage 2012

Barbara Dennerlein (DE) with X-elle (CH)

Vera Kaa & Die Regierung (CH)

New Orleans Feetwarmers (DE)

Jessy Martens & Band (DE)


21. Jazz-Tage 2011

Pasadena Roof Orchestra (UK)

Sydney Ellis & her Midnight Preachers (USA/DE)

A tribute to Jeanne Carroll; Melanie Schäfer & Ignaz Netzer (DE)

Greetje Kauffeld & the Swingin’ Fireballs (NL/DE)


20. Jazz-Tage 2010

Vera Kaa und Band (CH)

Barrelhouse Jazzband (DE)

B.B. & The Blues Shacks (DE)

Pink Turtle – Pop in Swing (FR)

Carry Persson (SWE)

SMC Orchestra Wien (AUT)


19. Jazz-Tage 2009

Olivier Franc’s Tribute to Bechet Band (F)

Christan Willisohn and Band (D/NL)

Veterinary Street Jazz Band (D)

Richard Broadnax and his Zion Gospel Singers (CH/USA)


18. Jazz-Tage 2008

Frl. Mayers Hinterhaus Jazzer (D/CH)

Jan Fischer Bluesband (D)

Hot Shot Bluesband (D)

Rod Mason and his Hot Five (GB/D)

Gerhard Aflenzer & his Broadway Big Band (A/Int.)


17. Jazz-Tage 2007

Bourbon Street Jazzband (CH)

B.B.& The Blues Shacks (D)

Blue Wonder Jazzband (D)

Blue Note Six Jazzband (A)Pat’s Big Band (CH)


16. Jazz-Tage 2006

Steppin Stompers Dixieland Band (CH)

Barbara Dennerlein, Netzer & Scheytt (D)

The Davison Legacy Band (USA/CH)

Swinging’ Fireballs


15. Jazz-Tage 2005

Blue Note Six Jazzband (A)

Sydney Ellis and her Midnight Preachers (USA)

Belleville (CH)

New Orleans Hot Shots (CH)

Les Gigolos de Paris (F)


14. Jazz-Tage 2004

Blue Birds of Paradise Jazz Band (D)/CH)

Lady Bass mit Two for One (D)

Boogie Connection (D)

Hommage à Stephane Grappeli & The Django Rheinhardt Show (Int.)

Original Swingtime Big Band (A, Int.)


13. Jazz-Tage 2003

Milano Hot Jazz Orchestra (I)

Christian Willisohn Trio plus One (D)

Ben Rinia an his Yerba Buena Hot Five (NL)

The Andreas Baer Trio plus One (CH)

Richard Broadnax and the Zion Gospel Singers


12. Jazz-Tage 2002

Certains l’aiment chaud (F)

Steppin Stompers Dixielandband and Mr. Blue Rivers (CH/USA)

Harry’s Satchmo All Stars (CH)

Paris Swing Orchestra (F)


11. Jazz-Tage 2001

Bourbon Street Jazz Band (CH)

Swiss Army Big Band mit Pepe Lienhard, feat Bonnie J. Taylor (CH/USA)

Randy Wirz and his Jazzman (CH)

Christian Willisohn (D)

Jazz Point Dixielandband, feat. Carol Hakios (CH/AUS)

Barrelhouse Jazzband, feat Rod Mason & Christoph Wackerbarth (DE/GB)


10. Jazz-Tage 2000

The Sammy Rimington Jazzband (GB)

The Piccadilly Six (GB/CH)

Huub Janssen and his Amazing Jazzband (NL)

Jazz Band Ball Orchestra, feat Bill Ramsey (P, USA)


9. Jazz-Tage 1999

The Harlem Ramblers (CH)

Max Collie and his Rhythm Aces (Aus/GB)

Rod Mason and his Hot Five, feat. Pauline Pearce (GB/DE)


8. Jazz-Tage 1998

Swiss Dixie Stompers (CH)

Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band (GB)

Monty Sunshine Jazzband (GB)

(Konzertlokal neu Kath. Kirchgemeindehaus, vorher Hotel Bären)


7. Jazz-Tage 1997

Kansas City Six (CH)

Rod Mason and his Hot Five (GB/DE)

The Sammy Rimington Jazzband (GB)


6. Jazz-Tage 1996

Piccadilly Six (GB/CH)

Ambasstown Jazzband (CH)

Dutch Swing College Band (NL)


5. Jazz-Tage 1995

The Jumpin’ Seven (CH)

Harry’s Satchmo All Stars (CH)

Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband (NL)


4. Jazz-Tage 1994

Wild Turkey Jazzband (CH)

Lake City Stompers (CH)

Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band (The Original 1954/GB)


3. Jazz-Tage 1993

Swinging Forties Jazzband (CH)

Clarinade/Bowler Hats Jazzband (CH)

Humphrey Lyttelton, feat. Janne Harrington (GB)


2. Jazz-Tage 1992

Swinging Forties Jazzband (CH)

Firehous Revival Jazzband (CH)

Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band (GB)


1. Jazz –Tage 1991

Swinging Forties Jazzband (CH)
Swiss Allstar Band (CH)